Session 64: Article Review: Training Residential Supervisors to Provide Feedback for Maintaining Staff Teaching Skills for Individuals with Severe Disabilities

Parsons, M. B., & Reid, D. H. (1995). Training residential supervisors to provide feedback for maintaining staff teaching skills with people who have severe disabilities. Journal of applied behavior analysis, 28(3), 317–322. doi:10.1901/jaba.1995.28-317 Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Session 63: ADDRESSING Cultural Complexities

Information from APA about doing a Culture Sketch Blank Template to do your own Culture Sketch based off Hays’ ADDRESSING Framework Hays, P. A. (2016). Addressing cultural complexities in practice: Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy (3rd ed.). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. Hays, P.A. (2013). Connecting Across Cultures: The … [+]